Free to Choose Petition presented to Turkish Embassy

Earlier this month, the Ambassador of Turkey, Mr Ahmet Berki Dibek (pictured), received the Free to Choose petition from David Turner and Louis Hemmings (CCFC). The petition was accompanied by a dossier documenting individual cases of the violation of human rights of Christians in Turkey during the past year.

The petition document, which has been signed by 2,185 people in Ireland calls for Muslims who choose to convert to another faith to be free to do so without having to face a lifetime of fear as a result.

TURKEY: Yakup Cindilli continues to recover

Yakup Cindilli has visited some of his Christian friends for the first time since he was badly beaten up last October. In late July, he took a bus to Istanbul where he spoke to a number of Christian friends whom he knew from his time living there.

Yakup Cindilli’s slow recovery continues (Turkey)

Yakup Cindilli, who was savagely beaten in October for refusing to renounce his Christian faith is continuing the slow recovery from his injuries.He is pictured (right) leaving court last week where he gave evidence in the case against his attackers

Yakup Cindilli recovers slowly from attack in Turkey

Yakup Cindilli, who was savagely beaten in October for refusing to renounce his Christian faith is slowly recovering at home.

Yakup was discharged on 2 December from intensive care in hospital, shortly after began to emerge from a coma. He was later transferred to the care of his family in Orhangazi, a small town 30 miles away.

Evangelist remains in coma in Turkish hospital

Yakup Cindilli remains in a coma in hospital – following a savage attack on him in October. However, a doctor attending Yakup has noted a tiny, daily improvement in his medical condition.

Yakup (aged 32) was severely beaten for distributing New Testaments in his hometown of Orhangazi in northwestern Turkey. The pastor of the Bursa Protestant Church where Yakup attended has called for a special day of prayer and fasting for Wednesday 17 December, to pray for Yakup’s complete recovery and for a just court ruling on his case. (Compass)