President Fox announces review of Acteal case

President Fox has ordered a review of the arrest and imprisonment of The Innocent of Acteal who have been imprisoned for six years, after they were falsely accused of involvement in the Acteal massacre of 1997.

Mexican government continues to ignore Acteal case.

Lawyers representing The Innocent of Acteal are still awaiting an opportunity to meet President Fox and the President of the Supreme Court. They are seeking a review of the case which has left over 80 innocent men in prison (mainly evangelical Christians) for over five years.

Acteal dossier presented to Mexican Ambassador in Dublin

Yesterday in Dublin, David Turner and Bert Van Embden of CCFC presented a dossier to the Mexican Ambassador, Agustin Basave, about the Innocent of Acteal case. The Acteal prisoners (mainly evangelical Christians) have become victims of a dreadful miscarriage of justice..They are serving a sentence of 36 years imprisonment after a hasty trial in which they were falsely accused of involvement in a massacre in 1997.

The Innocent of Acteal

Five long years and still stalemate

January 2003 marked the fifth anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of the group of evangelical men who have become known as “The Innocent of Acteal”. One of their lawyers recently commented on the case.


David Turner has returned from a week long visit to Mexico. Here are his initial impressions. A full report (with photos) will be included in the next edition of “Church in Chains” magazine.

God is at work in Chiapas