EGYPT: Family desperate for Heidi’s return

The family of the 17 year-old Coptic Christian girl kidnapped last month have released her name – Heidi Salib. This development comes as their concern increases for their daughter – who went missing on 2 June.

Following international diplomatic enquiries, local police originally said that Heidi ran way from her family. However, they have since said that they don’t know anything about the case. They have indicated that the 30 year-old Muslim man, Mustafa Ahmed Mohammed (who previously abducted Heidi in April) is also missing.

17 year old Christian girl kidnapped in Egypt

On Tuesday 2 June a 17 year old Christian girl, Heidi Salib, disappeared in Egypt. Her family, from a district of Cairo, fear that she has been kidnapped by men who abducted on a previous occasion in April.

During her abduction in April, she was sexually abused and drugged in order to manipulate her. A cross tattoo on her hand (see photo) was forcibly removed. Her abductors tried to force her to convert to Islam, and one now claims to be her husband.

Egyptian Ambassador is “shocked” by Patmos dossier

The Egyptian Ambassador, Mr. Ibrahim Khairat, told CCFC today of his shock at the contents of a dossier (delivered to the Embassy today) detailing (in text and photographs) the latest attack on the Patmos Centre last Monday.

He expressed particular sadness about the death of Kirilos Daoud, a staff member at the centre, during the attack.

Mr. Khairat emphasised that it was the duty of the Egyptian government to protect all Egyptians, regardless of religion.

One Christian killed as 500 Egyptian soldiers attack Patmos Centre

The Patmos Christian Centre has been attacked for the ninth time. In the fracas one of the employees was killed.

Egyptian Christian converts released on bail

All 22 people arrested in October in connection with allegations of forging identity papers for Christian converts from Islam have now been released on bail – apart from one Muslim government official (with diabetes) who died in prison after suffering a beating.

Egyptian army attack Christian centre again

The Egyptian Army has once again carried out a totally unprovoked attack on the Patmos Christian Centre 30km to the east of Cairo.

Just after midnight in the early hours of Tuesday 18 November an army dump truck was driven repeatedly into the perimeter wall surrounding the Patmos Christian Centre.

Considerable damage was caused, including the destruction of one of the reinforced concrete pillars.

President Mubarak protects monastery from attack (Egypt)

Tuesday 19 August saw remarkable events at St. Anthony’s Monastery near the Red Sea. In the morning, the monastery, which dates back to the fourth century, was surrounded by 300 police officers equipped with fourteen bulldozers.

They were preparing to demolish a perimeter wall, legally erected in 1998 to protect the monastery from attacks by Muslim extremists. After an urgent appeal made international news, President Mubarak intervened and the police withdrew from the monastery later in the day, leaving it undamaged.

Ambassador listens to concerns about Christians in Egypt

Pledges investigation into cases raised

Today in Dublin, the Egyptian Ambassador, Mr. Ashraf Rashed, met with Mark Rohu and David Turner (CCFC) to listen to concerns about a number of difficulties currently being experienced by Christians in Egypt. The hour-long meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere and CCFC began by welcoming the positive contribution of the Egyptian government on a number of issues of importance to Christians.