INDIA: Over 50,000 people flee anti-Christian violence

As the anti-Christian violence in Orissa state continues into its fourth week, over 50,000 people have been forced to flee from their homes. About 10,000 people are being accommodated in government-run refugee camps but an estimated 40,000 people are hiding in jungles (many of whom have been injured in the wave of violence).

The All-India Christian Council reports that over 50 people have died in the past month (the vast majority of them being Christians attacked by Hindu militants). Over 100 churches have been destroyed along with over 4,000 houses. The widespread violence has engulfed over 300 villages.

INDIA: Widespread anti-Christian attacks in Orissa

Several people have been killed in widespread anti-Christian violence in the eastern state of Orissa since Monday. Hundreds of churches have been burnt down and there have been many attacks on Christian schools and orphanages.

INDIA: New Attack against Christians in Orissa

The situation in Orissa state in India remains tense following a fresh attack against Christians earlier this week. The trouble erupted after the slaughtering of a cow in the area. Hindu extremists marched on the village of Malikpada in Kandhamal district.

INDIA: UN Envoy sees major challenges to religious freedom

Asma Jahangir (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief) conducted a three week visit to India last month. She visited eight states and numerous cities and met Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Buddhists, and other minority leaders. Ms. Jahangir is a respected human rights activist from Pakistan and has held several positions with the United Nations.

INDIA: Homeless Orissa Christians facing food shortages

Many victims of the anti-Christian violence which erupted over Christmas in Orissa State, are still homeless and facing food shortages, more than two months after Hindu mobs killed up to nine people, destroyed over 700 homes and burnt down 95 churches here, according to local Christian leaders.

INDIA: Orissa Christians told to convert or die

Christians in Orissa state, the victims of the recent wave of communal violence (in which 95 churches including the one pictured were burnt down) are now being told to ‘Covert or Die’ by Hindu fanatics. The ultimatum issued by the Hindu extremists has forced some Christians to abandon their religion altogether, Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), has reported.

INDIA: Six Christians killed in wave of anti-Christian violence

At least six Christians have been killed over the Christmas period in a huge wave of anti-Christian violence in the eastern state of Orissa.

INDIA: Hindu militants disrupt church service and beat pastor

Last Sunday (9th September), Pastor Sudhakar (pictured) and four Christians visiting from Singapore were attacked by members of Hindu militant groups while leading a worship service at the Bethel Gospel Church in the village of Amberpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Approximately three hundred believers were gathered when about thirty militants forcibly entered the church building and began to shout curses against Christianity.

INDIA: Supreme Court delays decision on equal rights for Christian Dalits

The Indian Supreme Court has again postponed proceedings in the case on equal rights for Dalit Christians with other Dalits (formerly known as ‘untouchables’). On this occasion, the hearing was adjourned until mid-July 2007.

INDIA: Attacks on Christians across nation

On Saturday 10th March, members of the Hindu militant groups VHP and Bajrang Dal attempted to stop a women’s prayer meeting in the home of Pastor Amit Sidhu in Bathinda, Punjab. The incident came to the attention of other area Christians who sought to intervene. In the ensuing clash, one of the VHP members was injured. Three pastors, Kulwan Raj, Chootta Singh and Harfool Singh were subsequently charged with making an attempt on the lives of the activists.