SUDAN: Two pastors could face death penalty

Two pastors from South Sudan, Pastor Yat Michael and Pastor Peter Yein (pictured), have gone on trial in Khartoum facing a number of charges, some of which carry the death penalty.

On Tuesday 19 May, Pastor Michael and Pastor Yein appeared before the Khartoum Bahri Criminal Court in Khartoum. The two pastors from the South Sudan Evangelical Presbyterian Church, are jointly charged under the Sudanese Penal Code with:

SUDAN: Meriam and family arrive in USA

Early this morning (1 August), Meriam Ibrahim, together with her family, arrived in the USA where they plan to settle. The family (Meriam, her husband Daniel, toddler son Martin and baby daughter Maya) had flown from Italy where they had spent a week after being allowed to leave Sudan.

SUDAN: Meriam Ibrahim and family take refuge in American Embassy

Yesterday evening (26 June), Meriam Ibrahim arrived at the American Embassy in Khartoum with her husband and two small children after being released on bail from police custody. Under the bail conditions, Meriam and her family are prohibited from leaving Sudan. They were detained at Khartoum International Airport on Tuesday as they sought to leave Sudan.

SUDAN: Meriam Ibrahim released from prison

Earlier today (23 June), Meriam Ibrahim was released from prison in Khartoum, along with her 20-month-old son, Martin, and baby daughter, Maya.

The appeal court reviewing her case quashed the original verdict by which she had been sentenced to death for apostasy and 100 lashes for adultery. Consequently, the appeal court ordered her release, recognised her marriage and declared her innocent of all charges.

SUDAN: Pregnant Christian sentenced to death for apostasy

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a 27-year-old doctor from western Sudan who is eight months pregnant, was sentenced to death for apostasy by a judge in Khartoum on 15 May. She was also sentenced to 100 lashes for having sex with her husband, considered adultery in Islam because he is a Christian.

“The court has sentenced you to be hanged till you are dead,” the judge told Ibrahim, who also has a 20-month-old son, Martin, after Islamist crowds shouted for the court to punish her.