During Lent 2017, each of the six prisoners pictured will be featured in weekly prayer profiles (which will appear on this page).

Top Row (left – right):  Asia Bibi (Pakistan), Alimujiang Yimiti (China), Kim Dong Chul (North Korea)

Bottom Row (left – right): Ebrahim Firouzi (Iran), Yklas Kabduakasov (Kazakhstan),  Twen (Eritrea)



Each profile details arrest and sentence, family background, prison conditions and daily prayer points (dated to begin on Sunday 5 March, the first Sunday of Lent).

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Asia-Bibi-Prison-–-Square_2WEEK 1 – ASIA BIBI (PAKISTAN)

Asia Bibi (51) is a Christian farm worker who has been in prison since 2009 when she was accused of blasphemy. She is waiting for a Supreme Court appeal against her conviction and death sentence to be heard.

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Alimujiang Yimiti (43) is a Uighur Christian from Xinjiang province who has been in prison since 2008, serving a 15-year sentence. His case may be reviewed in 2017. He was arrested because of his faith and witness among the Uighur people.

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kim-dong-chul-bbc-2 WEEK 3 – KIM DONG CHUL (NORTH KOREA)

Kim Dong Chul (63) is a  South Korean missionary who was arrested in Rason City in North Korea in October 2015. He was accused of spying, forced to confess on state television and given a ten-year sentence in labour camp.

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ebrahim-firouzi-head WEEK 4 – EBRAHIM FIROUZI (IRAN)

Ebrahim Firouzi (31) is a former Muslim who has been arrested several times for activities including telling people about Jesus and running a Christian website.   He has been in prison since March 2013 and is due for release in January 2020.

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yklas-kabduakasov-squareWEEK 5 – YKLAS KABDUAKASOV (KAZAKHSTAN)

Yklas Kabduakasov (55) was arrested in August 2015 in a secret police trap when they recorded conversations he had with students enquiring about his Christian faith. He is serving a two-year sentence in labour camp.

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Twen-Eritrea-copyWEEK 6 – TWEN (ERITREA)

Twen (34) has been in prison for twelve years because of her Christian faith. She has suffered beatings and torture. She and other long-term Christian women prisoners have been offered release if they renounce their faith, but refused.

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