india-postcards-4Left – Right:  Pastor Muniyandi Elangoan Jebraj, Pastor Karthik Chandran, Pastor Khel Prasad Kurre, Pastor Harjot Singh Sethi

Pastor Muniyandi Elangoan Jebraj suffered soft tissue brain damage in a brutal Hindu extremist attack at his church in Tamil Nadu state.
Pastor Karthik Chandran was attacked by Hindu extremists at a charity event run by his church in Tamil Nadu state.
Pastor Khel Prasad Kurre needed stitches to his head after he was attacked by Hindu extremists on his way home in Chhattisgarh state.
Pastor Harjot Singh Sethi s
uffered head and leg injuries after a beating from Hindu extremists in Rajasthan state.

Church in Chains has launched a new postcard campaign to show our support for Christians in India who are facing increasing persecution by militant Hindus. Over the past two years the number of attacks on Christians (and other religious minority groups) has increased dramatically and most shockingly the police are not prosecuting the attackers. On the contrary, following the attacks the victims are often dragged to the local police station and arrested on false  charges of conversion.

In February 2018, Church in Chains published a report on the situation titled “OFFICIAL INDIA: ON THE SIDE OF THE MILITANTS” and in March 2018, a Church in Chains delegation made a presentation on the matter to TDs and Senators at the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Church in Chains has repeatedly requested a meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Ireland Mrs Vijay Thakur Singh to present her with the findings in the report, to no avail. Now we are asking our supporters to stand with us and their Indian brothers and sisters and send postcards to the Indian Ambassador.


Order a pack of 10 postcards, free of charge, and encourage others (your family, friends, prayer group, neighbours, fellow students etc.) to send off a postcard (Republic of Ireland only). The postcards are addressed to the Indian Ambassador Mrs Vijay Thakur Singh. In each case, the text of the postcard states:

Your Excellency,
I am deeply concerned at the dramatic upsurge in attacks on Christians in India by Hindu militants in the past two years.
I appeal to your government to take effective action to combat the attackers, protect Christians and promote religious freedom.

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