Baptist church meeting raided again (Turkmenistan)

Law enforcement officers broke up the Sunday morning Baptist service in Balkanabad on 11 May and forcibly took all those present to the police station. The church, which meets in a private flat, had previously been raided in March and April.

One church member described what happened: Between ten and 12 people burst into the room and ordered us to leave the building. The service was still under way, but the law enforcement officers ordered that it stop and began to apply physical force, even on children, to turn everyone out of the building, paying no attention to the cries and screams of the children.

What’s the point in talking to them, they should be put in a bus and shot! the Baptists quoted one police officer as telling them. This latest raid on the Balkanabad church came the same day as the Sunday morning Baptist service in Turkmenbashi was raided. (Forum 18)

PRAY … that the Lord will give courage to the children and parents in Balkanabad Baptist Church as they seek to follow Him.