Shagildy Atakov still preaching the Gospel (Turkmenistan)

Shagildy Atakov still preaching the Gospel (Turkmenistan) Shagildy Atakov was imprisoned in Turkmenistan from December 1998 to January 2002. During his imprisonment, he was brutally treated and came close to death. A recent visitor to Turkmenistan brings current news


The Atakovs continue to follow the Lord and are not ashamed of the Gospel. Christian literature is displayed publicly in Shagildy’s house. He remarks, We have nothing to hide. When people come here, they need to see that a Christian family is living in this house.

Police still monitor his movements. Often after he has been preaching at a house meeting, police officers arrive at the scene and ask about his whereabouts. Was Shagildy here? When the people in the house affirm that, they say, What a pity that we just missed him. We need to arrest him. Next time we’ll get him! After the following house meeting, they do the same. This way, they try to intimidate the people. (Friedenstimme)