CHINA: Pastor Cai released after three years

Pastor Cai Zhuohua was released from prison last Monday Рat the end of a three year sentence imposed for “illegal business practices” after 200,000 Bibles and other Christian literature were found in a storage room. Prior to his arrest, Pastor Cai had been responsible for leading six house churches in Beijing.

He looked well and in good spirits although he was not allowed to have or read a Bible in the past three years. In his prison, Cai was forced to work 10 to 12 hours a day – making footballs for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Pastor Cai expressed thanks to all the brothers and sisters who have been praying and helping him and his family members during his imprisonment time. “The love of the Lord and the prayers by the saints sustained my life in the prison.”said Cai.

After his release, Cai was warned not to speak up. He has to report to the Public Security Bureau (police) office once a month. He was taken to the PSB office again on Thursday with more warnings and intimidations. “He feels (after PSB talks to him) he won’t have any freedom even after his release. said his mother who is also a dedicated house church leader.

“Since Pastor Cai has already served unjustified three years sentence, to continue to restrict his freedom of movement is a violation of China’s own law,” said Bob Fu, President of China Aid Association and a former coworker of Pastor Cai. “We urge the international community to continue to press the worsening situation on religious freedom and human rights in China.” (China Aid Association)