Chinese Government Attacks Pastor Gong

A Chinese government delegation has launched a propaganda attack against Pastor Gong Shengliang (leader of the South China Church). The delegation which visited the USA last month accused Pastor Gong and his followers of beating those who refused to join his church and also of rape. It was also claimed that Christian leaders in China denounce Pastor Gong as “Satan” and “devil”.

Bob Fu, a China analyst with Voice of the Martyrs, denounced the attack as slander and commented: The SCC is a recognised evangelical group with a sound doctrinal footing. They are not an “evil cult.” They have been under brutal persecution because they refuse to come under the control of the Religious Affairs Bureau of the Communist Party.

There is undeniable evidence, including affidavits, showing that the women who were supposedly raped by Pastor Gong confessed and signed under severe coercion and torture.

This propaganda attack does indirectly confirm that Pastor Gong remains alive and in prison (serving a life sentence) and that his hunger strike, begun in November, has ended. No further details about Pastor Gong1s condition are available. (VOM Canada)

PRAY … that the LORD will encourage and strengthen Pastor Gong in prison and those involved in leadership in the South China Church…