Yakup Cindilli’s slow recovery continues (Turkey)

Yakup Cindilli, who was savagely beaten in October for refusing to renounce his Christian faith is continuing the slow recovery from his injuries.He is pictured (right) leaving court last week where he gave evidence in the case against his attackers

Yakup was able to walk slowly into court aided by his family and spoke in short, slightly muffled, sentences. He identified the three assailants and recognised a pastor who was present at the hearing. Yakup clutched his sister’s arm for support while standing before the judge, who allowed him several times to sit down for a few minutes. His speech was slurred, and he repeatedly burst into laughter which he appeared unable to control, despite the judge’s stern warnings.

The judge ordered that Yakup undergo two medical evaluations to determine his ability to testify- in response to arguments that the case be dropped because Yakup was an unreliable witness.

Local Christians state that Yakup goes up and down emotionally and is occasionally aggressive towards his family. This is a radical change in his behaviour as a result of the beating. (MEC/Compass)