Letter from Cerro Hueco Prison (Mexico)

As the review of the Innocent of Acteal case continues, we have recently received a letter sent by one of the prisoners to his family.

Dear children. Alfredo Margarita, Cenaida, Rosa, Maria Regina and Thalia.

I am writing you this letter to say to you that I am sad not to be at your side my children and it hurts me more to see you work like an adult to keep yourselves on your own, you know… I well remember those years that we were together with your Mum, playing and working for you to make you an honest man.

Five and a half years have passed without being with you, without celebrating your birthdays and I do not know how long more it is, which pains me greatly to the bottom of my heart and soul. You are paying and suffering the consequences for the injustice and the ill government of our state but you know, children, let us not lose faith with God and pray for me.

Ask God that I will come out soon and that the injustice will end. I assure you, children, that God does not abandon us and is with us. Children, we are today in a time of suffering and pain and wife, you suffer much for your children: you are now father and mother for five long years but I ask you also to pray so that our suffering will yet end and I will come out of this hell

Dear wife and children, I order you this prayer that you pray every day and that I may come out of this hell soon.

This is your papa writing to you: Mariano Luna Ruiz

David Turner (CCFC) met Mariano in Cerro Hueco prison last year during his fact-finding visit to Mexico