IRAN: Tina Rad and family leave country

Tina Rad Baptism Tina Rad and her husband, Makan Arya, left Iran during the summer along with their five year old daughter, Odzhan.

In 2008, the Christian couple were arrested and beaten by Iranian security police and threatened that Odzhan would be taken from them and placed in an institution.

The family have been granted a temporary permit to live in a new country where they have taken advantage of their new freedom to be baptized. Tina said ” Jesus is the one who is helping us all the way till here. we see it with our eyes, amazing”.

Tina became a Christian early last year after a friend gave her a Bible and Jesus appeared to here in a dream. Her witness led her husband, Makan, to also become a Christian. However, other family members disapproved of their new faith and reported them to the police.

Tina Rad bruise Tina’s bruised face after being beaten by security police in June 2008 was a potent image of the brutality inflicted on many Christians by the Iranian authorities. One of Tina’s kness was also damaged as a result of torture.

During their interrogation, many threats were made against Tina and Makan. “The next time there may also be an apostasy charge, if you don’t stop with your Jesus,” a female security police officer told Tina. The female security police official also warned Tina that if she and her husband continued attending a house church and holding Bible studies, they could be imprisoned “for a very long time” and would lose their daughter. An officer also told Tina that authorities could concoct a drug case against them, “and you will be punished as drug smugglers.”

Tina’s parents have told her that they never want to see her again. (Open Doors)