ERITREA: Release Innocent Christians

CCFC has just launched a new postcard campaign – Release Innocent Christians to draw attention to the hundreds of innocent Christians who are currently imprisoned in Eritrea. The bilingual postcard (English/Tigrinya) to President Afewerki reads:

I appeal to you to release the hundreds of innocent Christians who are in prison in Eritrea – some in dreadful conditions in shipping containers.

They pose no threat to your government. Indeed their Christian faith makes them model citizens who will greatly benefit Eritrean society.

Many international human rights groups (including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch & Christian Solidarity Wordlwide) are expressing great concern about the continued repression in Eritrea where political dissidents and journalists are also imprisoned.

In the UK, CSW has teamed up with Open Doors, Release Eritrea! and Release International in a joint petition to the Eritrean government.

A joint demonstration will be held next Wednesday afternoon (31 May) at the Eritrean Embassy in London. A group from CCFC will be joining the protest and plan to hand in a letter to the Ambassador from Simon Coveney MEP.