NIGERIA: Aid reaches displaced victims of Fulani attacks

From Saturday 31 July to Monday 2 August, Muslim Fulani militants attacked several majority-Christian villages in Plateau state’s  Bassa Local Government Area, shooting and torching houses.

Church in Chains partner Stefanos Foundation reported that 69 people were killed and 275 houses burnt in nine villages, leaving 22,000 internally displaced persons.

In response to the humanitarian crisis, Church in Chains made an emergency grant of  €5,000 to Stefanos Foundation who set about organising immediate distribution of  food including rice, beans, gari, salt, seasoning, red oil and tomato paste (ingredients for staple foods) together with mats and blankets.

Irigwe Aid (Stocks)

Stocks of aid ready to be loaded up

Irigwe Aid (Unloading)

Aid being brought to local area

Irigwe Aid (Truck)  Irigwe Aid (Man with Sack)

Aid being unloaded

Mark Lipdo (Stefanos) meeting local leaders

Irigwe Aid (Traditional Leaders)