2010 Project – Making God’s love visible in Turkey

The Summer 2010 issue of Church in Chains magazine focusses on Turkey and our 2010 project was linked with this feature.

SAT 7 TURK logo Many Turkish people have never met a Christian and don’t know very much about Christianity. The small Christian community struggles continually against suspicion and hostility. Much of this suspicion is fuelled by anti-Christian propaganda or simply by ignorance. How are the people of Turkey to hear about God’s love in Jesus or to have their fragile faith strengthened? Part of the answer lies in satellite television which is watched by over 30 million Turks.

SAT-7 T√úRK is a Turkish-run Christian satellite TV ministry broadcasting for four hours a day. SAT-7 T√úRK airs a wide variety of locally produced programming, including shows for children, youth and women, as well as many teaching programmes which explain the love of Christ and support local Christians.

“After watching these programmes I understand now that I know very little about Christianity. I really need to look into this more. “ (A Turkish woman viewer)

“There just isn’t anything like this on the other channels. The programmes provide a wonderful opportunity for me to explain to my children what we believe as Christians in ways they understand.” (Esra)

Cevap Ariyorum programme “Last night, I watched the ‚ÄòWords of Hope ‚Äòprogramme. What the host read from the Bible really affected me. My system of belief – the way I’ve been burdened all my life with living under punishment because of the way religion was explained to me – has been turned upside down. I would be very happy if you could help me in this matter, the matter of finding God” (Mehmet)

Will you give to make God’s love more visible in Turkey?

Please use the button on the right to donate. The following examples show how far your gift can go:

€20 pays for 25 minutes of airtime

€50 pays for 1 hour of airtime

€100 pays for 2 hours of airtime


Thank you for your support of Turkish Christian television.

THis project is now closed – a total of €4,705 has been sent to SAT-7 T√úRK.

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