Support Christians in Egypt

sat-7-interviewToday in Egypt many Christians, living under threat of attack, are looking for support, encouragement, teaching and guidance. This is being provided in different ways including by SAT-7 (Christian satellite television station that broadcasts to the Middle East and North Africa) and the ministry of encouragement with which “Michael” our conference speaker is involved.


SAT-7 is viewed regularly by 5.5 million people in Egypt (7.7% of the population) according to a recent independent survey. Its programmes of faith and hope are very attractive to many in Egypt (both Christian and Muslim). SAT-7 has also broadcast special programmes dealing with the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Egypt. Such coverage is of huge importance to the Christian community in Egypt, allowing Christians the freedom to express their grief and shock. SAT-7 also broadcasts current affairs programmes examining the issues behind such attacks and children’s programmes where children have the opportunity to voice their fears and concerns to their favourite presenters. SAT-7 is widely respected as a trusted and helpful source of balance, understanding and support for Christians in Egypt as well as sharing the good news of Jesus.

Michael’s ministry

Michael’s ministry operates at local church level around Egypt with the same aim of bringing encouragement and support to Christians and equipping the local church to be a good witness of the Lord Jesus in its particular location. Further details of Michael’s work will be shared at the Church in Chains conference but cannot be printed here for security reasons.

Will you support Christians in Egypt?

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