Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are an essential, unique and invaluable part of our organisation, complementing and supporting the work of our staff.

This policy is designed to outline what volunteers can expect from us and what we can expect of them. In adopting it, Church in Chains is trying to encourage best practice in volunteer management. It is not a contract, but rather an outline of how we aspire to work together.


  • Anyone who is committed to the values of the organisation is eligible to apply to become a volunteer
  • We always provide an accurate description of the tasks that we expect volunteers to undertake
  • We talk to potential volunteers to decide if we are right for each other
  • We reserve the right to not select someone as a volunteer


  • We respect volunteers’ right to privacy and confidentiality
  • We provide insurance to cover volunteers’ activities
  • We thank our volunteers on an ongoing basis for their contribution
  • We provide references for current and former volunteers on request


We expect volunteers to adhere to the policies and procedures of our organisation (this includes maintaining the confidentiality of all privileged information to which they are exposed while volunteering)

If problems arise

  • We aim to act quickly and fairly if difficulties arise
  • We urge volunteers who have any sort of problem to contact their supervisor at the earliest opportunity
  • If the supervisor is the source of the problem or cannot resolve the issue, the volunteer should contact the chairperson
  • We reserve the right to ask volunteers to step down if they do not adhere to the organisation’s rules or fail to perform their volunteer assignments satisfactorily.

This policy was last updated on 12 March 2019.