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Listen to David Turner as he talking to Rónán Johnston about Miriam from Iraq, gives updates on the situation in Eritrea and Zafar Bhatti‘s case in Pakistan. Interview starts at 19.55 minutes (Broadcast July 2019)

Listen to David Turner as he talks to Wendy Grace about the complicated process of church registrations in Egypt, the message of forgiveness from a Sri Lankan pastor after the bombings and the release of Abraham Ben Moses. (Broadcast May 2019)

Listen to David Turner as he talks to Wendy Grace about the Lent Prayer Project. (Broadcast March 2019)

Listen to David Turner as he talks to Wendy Grace talks to about the Christmas card project. (Broadcast December 2018)

Listen to Shibu Thomas (of Persecution Relief) and David Turner as they speak to Wendy Grace about what has life been like for Christian communities in India in recent years. (Broadcast September 2018)

Listen to David Turner  as he joins Wendy Grace to highlight what the recent election of Imran Khan in Pakistan could mean for the country’s Christian minority. He also speaks about Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who has been in prison in Pakistan for 9 years under the country’s death-sentencing blasphemy laws.  (Broadcast August 2018)

Listen to this eye-opening interview about the persecution of Christians in China on RTÉ Radio One’s “Leap of Faith” with Michael Comyn and David Turner. (Broadcast January 2019)





Listen to David Turner speaking with Paul Caffrey on God Talk about the work of Church in Chains in particular about the Global Guide. (Broadcast October 2018)