Volunteer for Church in Chains

Church in Chains relies on numerous volunteers who help us spread the word about the Persecuted Church across Ireland:

Our church representatives do a valuable job in keeping their groups/churches updated with the latest news and prayer points. Depending on what time you have available, you could do any (or all) of the following:

  • You could begin by distributing Information Leaflets and Global Guides to anyone who wants to learn more.
  • You could distribute the quarterly Church in Chains magazine or the monthly Prayer Diary in your church
  • You could ask if you can use a notice board (or part of one) in your church building and keep it up-to-date with Church in Chains news items and posters.
  • Why not encourage your group/church leader to promote the Lent Prayer Project or mark the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (in November)?
  • You could pass on prayer points from our weekly news emails to whoever is in charge of intercessory prayer.

We are always looking for events volunteers who make people welcome and help with catering, stewarding or parking at Church in Chains events.

Prayer is at the heart of what Church in Chains does and we are hoping to expand our prayer group network across the whole country. For this we always need more prayer group leaders in different counties. Maybe you use the monthly Prayer Diary and have friends that also have a heart for the Persecuted Church? If you want to start a prayer group, you can find out more about more here.

A few other volunteering ideas are

  • Organising a Church in Chains fundraising event
  • Encouraging your group/church to take part in postcard and letter writing campaigns
  • Giving a short talk to the group/church

If you are interested in volunteering for Church in Chains in any way, please contact the Church in Chains office!


Our longterm supporter Joan and Roy Rohu had this really creative idea of a Church in Chains Christmas Tree for the Westport Christmas Tree Festival and decorated it with pictures of Christian prisoners. What a wonderful idea to  remember our suffering brothers and sisters also during the festive season!