What we do

_cic_final-2016_spotChurch in Chains is an independent Irish charity (CHY 15443) that encourages prayer and action in support of persecuted Christians worldwide, with a special focus on China, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey and Uzbekistan. It is a member of Aontas, Evangelical Alliance Ireland, The Wheel and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade NGO Standing Committee on Human Rights.

Church in Chains raises awareness of the plight of persecuted Christians, encourages prayer and action on their behalf, advocates before governments and ambassadors and sends aid to help Christian victims of conflict (including those who have been forced from their homes by extremists), to support prisoners’ families and to supply Bibles where they cannot otherwise be obtained.

Raising Awareness

cic-118-coverChurch in Chains publishes the latest news in a quarterly magazine, weekly email, on Facebook and on this website. The Church in Chains Global Guide is a 48-page booklet that gives an overview of the persecution of Christians in 60 countries. Church in Chains brings presentations about the persecuted church to churches and other audiences (such as conferences, schools and youth groups), and takes part in media interviews. Also, Church in Chains runs an annual conference in September, featuring a guest speaker from the persecuted church.

Encouraging Prayer


Church in Chains coordinates a network of prayer groups that meet monthly or quarterly. We organise a Lent Prayer Project for Christian prisoners and we provide resources for the annual International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (in November). More information about prayer resources.

Taking Action

penChurch in Chains runs a Letter Writing Team with members who write to ambassadors, presidents and government officials to advocate on behalf of persecuted Christians. More information about the Letter-Writing Team. Church in Chains also organises petitions, postcard campaigns and occasional vigils during which supporters demonstrate at embassies on behalf of persecuted Christians.

Advocating for Justice

davidruairi-quinnChurch in Chains engages with embassies on behalf of individual victims of persecution or entire Christian communities. We also engage with TDs, Senators and Irish government officials to seek support for victims and to bring governments of persecuting countries to account. Read “Actions Speak Louder than Words” (a briefing prepared for the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs about the persecution of Christians in China, Egypt, India, Iran, Nigeria and Pakistan in the context of their governments’ international human rights commitments).

Sending Aid

child-at-bageraChurch in Chains sends aid via international partners to families of prisoners and to Christians in poor circumstances because of their faith. Also, we support the provision of Bibles and Christian literature in countries where they cannot otherwise be obtained.
During 2017 Church in Chains distributed the following overseas grants, totalling over €66,000. Money was distributed to our partner organisations in the following countries:

IRAN – €22,842
Elam Ministries  – to help support the underground church in Iran (New Testaments, leadership training, satellite television, families of prisoners)

IRAQ – €14,610
Steadfast Global – to provide aid for Christian refugees in Iraq, meeting ongoing needs such as food, clothing, fuel and medical care.

ERITREA – €12,022
Release Eritrea – to provide food, vitamins, sanitary items to Christian prisoners and also to provide food, clothes and medicines to prisoners’ families.

NIGERIA – €5,500
Stefanos Foundation – to help house 4,000 victims of sectarian violence who have been living in a camp for the past three years and to provide land for them to farm

EGYPT – €4,588
“Michael” (2017 conference speaker) – to support Christian community workers, assisting impoverished, persecuted Christians in rural areas with special emphasis on women’s and children’s projects.

PAKISTAN – €2,500
Release International – to support Christian converts from Islam as some experience violence and mental abuse following conversion and some have to go into hiding for their safety.

In addition,
€2,500 was sent to SAT-7  – Christian satellite television in the Middle East
€2,230 to a ministry working among Uighurs in China
€1,000 to Canon Andrew White in the Middle East
€ 1,000 to Team Hope for a Syria aid project