Christians are ill-treated, intimidated, bullied, discriminated against, unfairly accused and arrested, imprisoned, tortured or even killed in many countries. Persecution can come from within their own family or community and often it is a systematic hostility from political or religious institutions. It can be hard and overwhelming to know what to pray for persecuted Christians. Here are some Prayer Points to help to you intercede on their behalf:

Pray for Prisoners

  • For a strong faith and perseverance despite the difficult circumstances
  • For knowledge that God is present with them and they are not forgotten
  • For comfort, peace and hope from God
  • For fellowship with other Christian prisoners and their witness to prison guards
  • For justice to prevail
  • For their release

Pray for Prisoners’ Families

  • For help with coping with loneliness and loss
  • For provision for the family with reduced income
  • For protection from psychological or emotional harm and bitterness
  • For a real and ongoing experience of God’s love and care
  • For protection from attack

Pray for Prisoners who have been released

  • For the restoration of their lives
  • For return to full health – physical, emotional and spiritual
  • For healing from any trauma they have experienced
  • For blessing of the family relationships and bonding after absence

Pray for Christians experiencing Persecution

  • For protection and safety from attacks
  • For financial provision for families who are being discriminated against
  • For courage, sustenance and strength through the Holy Spirit
  • For support and encouragement via TV, Internet and Social Media
  • Against isolation

Prayer Groups

Prayer groups for the persecuted church regularly meet in Dublin City Centre, Corwillis, Dundalk, Galway, Greystones, Westport and Wexford and in the Midlands region (rotating between Athlone, Ballinasloe, Banagher, Birr, Longford, Mullingar, Roscommon and Tullamore). If there is no prayer group near where you live, you could start a new one! It could be held monthly, using Global Update emails; or quarterly, praying through the Church in Chains magazine. Our Praying leaflet contains some ideas for leading a prayer group – see Resources for Praying, below – and do contact the Church in Chains office for more information about attending a prayer group or starting a new one. Here are pictures from some of the existing prayer groups:

galway-prayer-group2 galway-prayer-group

Galway Prayer Group at the Church in Chains conference (left) and at their regular meeting (right)


Dublin Prayer Group

Resources for Prayer

praying-church-in-chains-2015-finalWe provide several resources to help you pray for the persecuted church. You could use the prayer points in the quarterly Church in Chains magazine, sign up for weekly Global Update emails, follow us on Facebook or pray through the Church in Chains Global Guide or through the Prisoner Profiles on this website.

We publish a monthly Prayer Diary with prayer points for every day which is available for download here.

Click here to download our Praying leaflet, which contains Bible verses and suggestions for praying on your own, with your church or in a home group. It also contains some ideas for leading a prayer group.