Join the Letter Writing Team

Church in Chains has a Letter Writing Team of supporters  who write one letter per quarter to an ambassador or politician in Ireland or the UK, advocating for a prisoner or persecuted Christian community.

Ambassadors and governments take careful note of letters from individuals about  cases of human rights violations – especially when it is clear that these letters are carefully written and reflect an understanding of the issues involved.

Letter Writing SampleTo join the team, all you need is:

  1. A good command of English
  2. The ability to construct an original letter
  3. A basic understanding of human rights and religious freedom issues (i.e. regular reader of Church in Chains magazine)
  4. The time and commitment to write four letters a year
  5.  Be based in Ireland of the UK, as the ambassadors or politicians we choose for the projects are in either country.

Details are sent out with each issue of Church in Chains magazine (see sample project pictured left).

Email the Church in Chains office if you would like to join the team, and we will send you letter writing guidelines and include you in mailing future projects.