Prisoner GridDuring Lent 2019, each of the six prisoners pictured will be featured in weekly prayer profiles.

Top Row (left – right):  Leah Sharibu (Nigeria), Abraham Ben Moses (Indonesia) Kim Kuk-gi (North Korea).

Bottom Row (left – right): Mussie Ezaz (Eritrea), Naser Navard Gol Tapeh (Iran), Zafar Bhatti (Pakistan).

Each profile details arrest and sentence, family background, prison conditions and daily prayer points (dated to begin on Sunday 10 March, the first Sunday of Lent).

WEEK 1 – Leah Sharibu (Nigeria)

Leah SharibuLeah Sharibu (15) is a Christian who was abducted from her school in northeast Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorists in February 2018. They said they would release Leah if she converted to Islam, but she refused and remains in captivity.

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WEEK 2 – Abraham Ben Moses (Indonesia)

Abraham Ben MosesAbraham Ben Moses (53) has been in prison since May 2018 serving a four-year sentence for religious defamation. A former Muslim, he was arrested in December 2017 after discussing Islam and Christianity with a taxi driver.

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WEEK 3 – Kim Kuk-gi (North Korea)

Kim Kuk-giKim Kuk-gi (64) is a South Korean missionary serving a life sentence in a labour camp in North Korea since being arrested there in December 2014. He had been helping North Korean defectors and was charged with spying and spreading religious propaganda.

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