INDIA: Aid distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Family with Aid BagsOver 400 Christians were arrested in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh last year – many of them after being falsely accused of forced conversion by local political groups. Church in Chains via a partner organisation has recently sent aid to help 35 Christian families in Uttar Pradesh.

The families which were helped were all families of pastors whose churches have been closed down by Hindu extremists and false accusations have been made against them. The church closures have resulted in the pastors’ families having no source of income as they have been totally dependent on the Sunday collections from the congregations and now have nothing.

Christians worshippingTo quote our partner: “Now they are not even able to meet their daily needs of food and grocery items for their family members, parents, elderly members, and small children.” Through your help, the families have received support to provide for their needs for the next two to three months.


Photos: Church in Chains source