AFGHANISTAN: A letter from prison

Shoib AssadullahShoib Assadullah, a Christian who was formerly a Muslim, is facing the death penalty and is being ill-treated in prison, according to a letter dated 17 February 2011, which has been smuggled out.

Shoib writes: “My name is Shoib Said Assadullah. I am 23 years old. For the last four months I have been imprisoned in Qasre Shahi prison, Mazar-e Sharif for the crime of apostasy, which means I’ve changed my beliefs.

HOAX MESSAGE (about Afghanistan) causes confusion

Mobile phone A number of people have contacted Church in Chains to enquire about a text asking for urgent prayer for Afghanistan. This is a hoax message that has been circulating for well over a year.

The text message circulated reads as follows:
Please pray for the 22 Christian missionary families that will be executed today in Afghanistan! Please spread this fast 2 as many will pray”.