PAKISTAN: More aid for Jaranwala

Young woman smiling at bag of aidIn October a team from Church in Chains’ partner organisation the Edge Foundation distributed more aid in the community of Jaranwala in Punjab province. The aid distributed was funded by a grant of €4,500 from Church in Chains.

The Christian community had been attacked by a mob numbering several hundred Muslim men, who damaged at least 21 church buildings and a graveyard in August. Some 89 Christian homes were completely destroyed and more than four hundred homes damaged in the mob attack.


Woman receives cash aidBy September the Edge Foundation had completed two rounds of emergency aid to families in Jaranwala. In the first round, team members distributed clean water and milk packs. In the second round, they provided non-perishable rations meant to last families two to three weeks, depending on family size. Some families also received cash to purchase urgent necessities and medications, as can be seen in this image.


Group with bags of aidDuring its most recent aid distribution the Edge Foundation supported families in Jaranwala and other towns in the surrounding area by providing ration bags containing items such as flour, rice, lentils, sugar, powdered milk and tea bags. The team also gave out envelopes with cash.



Old man outside house Man receives Jaranwala Aid

(CLAAS, The Edge Foundation)